Furoshiki – An Elegant Way to Wrap Your Cards.

Un article en anglais sur la magnifique technique d’emballage japonaise. De quoi faire rêver un peu, et éventuellement égayer notre Noël de façon originale ^^ Pour ma part, peut-être une idée pour emballer mes livres et les protéger dans mon sac…

Rabbit Moon Tarot

Furoshiki GeikoThe Japanese have a gorgeous method for wrapping gifts called furoshiki whereby the present is enfolded in a square of pretty fabric before being given to the recipient.  Not only is this a lovely eco-friendly way to wrap presents, but it’s also a beautiful yet effective method for wrapping your beloved cards in that decadent scarf you chose especially for them.  I’ve compiled a short list of my favourite ways to wrap up my cards, including links to videos that show you exactly how it’s done!  And please, don’t think it’s as simple as just scrunching the deck in fabric and tying a knot, oh no!  All these techniques are elegant, deceptively simple and incredibly beautiful.

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