La Voie du thé : bol à Matcha japonais

No filter. A sacred pause during my day, after my martial art session. A purely improvised moment, as I was passing along my favorite tea shop, I saw a matcha bowl from Japan. Since I bought my first matcha last weekend, I was wondering what kind of bowls they would have. The Lady went to fetch different ones to show me, and I was surprised to find this dark blue and brown one after so light ones. It was instantly love at first sight, I couldn’t go without it. It was higher than I had planned. The Lady had an incredible, elegant gesture. She offered to wash it on the sport and prepare a (free) matcha in it. What a treat. I’m unsure if she realised the impact of such a ritualistic gesture. A pure moment of dedication and meditation. #meditation #sacred #ritual #generosity #tea #tealover #matcha #japan #japaneseculture #tradition

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