Des pensées constructives pour la nouvelle année. Un énième moment de bilan sur soi, son parcours, son évolution, les acquis, les erreurs… Et la gratitude.


When One Door Closes…

In a few days, we will cross an invisible threshold between this year and next. A door will open to 2014, and shut tight on this tumultuous year. However, all the troubles and all the joys we have will cross over with us. The construct of linear time, will draw a line at the edge of a chasm, causing each one of us to take a leap of faith, and go sailing (or flailing) into the new. But wherever we go, we take all that is us, with us.

It has been a year of extremes. Great highs and horrible lows. Losses piled up, mocking me and my eternally raw (but still open) heart. Victories that bloomed and multiplied. Anger and sadness. Grief and pain. Long sought achievements and terrible mistakes.

Through it all — through the highs and lows — I’ve remained conscious of…

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