(a) Vivre ses rêves

Petits extraits d’un article plus complet pour donner quelques astuces sur les rêves. Comment les atteindre ? Quelles sont les bonnes questions ?


Question your fears and beliefs or the beliefs of others who influence you.


Beliefs can be very deep-rooted and complex. Some are good, but others are completely useless.


Working long hours as a waitress and a couple other things while carrying heavy course loads wasn’t a piece of cake—far from it. But doing nothing and living with regrets seemed far worse, so bad I couldn’t even entertain the idea.


I’ve had a lot of goals and dreams since then, and I’ve repeated the process:

1. How is my current situation holding me back?

2. What are my options, and who can I look to as a role model?

3. What beliefs or fears are holding me back?

4. What can I do without, if needed, while working toward my goal?

5. What can I change so I can make it happen?



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