Qu’est-ce que ‘Paving Our Path’ ?

Découvert grâce à Nolwenn sur Facebook, voici le lien explicatif du projet.

A few months ago I emailed Nolwenn asking her if she would like to start a monthly ritual on our blogs with me.  What I was seeking was a check-in at the beginning of each month in which I spend time actively thinking about and focusing on what I want to create that month. If we each have the ability to truly create and lay down the bricks that pave the path we walk upon then I believe I need to be actively engaged in doing this.  So each month I thought I would write a note to The Universe stating what I wanted to bring into being in the following month.  Nolwenn wrote her first Paving Our Path post on December 1 which was our decided launch date and I….didn’t.  Why?  I think there is something about this defining out loud what it is I want that scares me.  It was one thing to come up with the idea and then share it with a friend.  But then to actually write out, to actually figure out, to really say out loud what it was I wanted freaked me out.  I think the more I consider this question of what it is I want the less I feel I have an answer.  Also I wanted to start this ritual on my professional website for work, but I don’t have the guts yet to put myself out there so openly under my name for all the world (meaning my extended family, etc.) to read.  So at 2am on January 1, 2012 I’m sitting here on my red sofa writing out my first Paving Our Path post.

What:  Paving Our Path
When:  1st of each month
What:  Express what you want to create/focus on in the next month.  If you want to express this artistically, musically or through movement then feel free to do that as well and upload the image, the piece of music or a video of your movement to share it with us.
Where:  Post on your blog
Why:  To focus more consciously on what we want our lives to be each month by creating it for ourselves
How:  This is up to you.  Nolwenn and I have talked about starting out this ritual by writing a note/letter to The Universe.  You don’t have to believe in The Universe to participate.  You can address your post to yourself, to God, or to no one at all.  For an example see Nolwenn’s first post.
Who:  You!  The more the merrier!  Leave a comment here if you’re participating and we will come and visit your blogs to share in your journey.
Dear Universe….

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